With the aim of taking the lead in the production of peanut-related products.With the aim of taking the lead in the production of peanut-related products in the form of high class Hand Picked Selected peanuts (HPS)

Agriculture in the Darfur Region

Sudan is one of the biggest producer of peanuts but not exporter
Main harvested area: South Darfur, East Darfur, North Darfur, Wes Darfur, Kordofan and Geziera.


the company shall shell, clean, sort, roaster, bleach, grade and the packaging thereof of the peanuts products. At phase two, crushing of peanut to produce edible oils with using solvent extraction process to produce high quality crude oils.


Currently SAY Co has ongoing supply / procurement contracts with the major crushing plants in the country. After instalation of te crushing and solvent extraction plant in phase twoit is more viable to provide .

Capacity & Expected Yield

The envisioned factory will focus on the first phase on sorting the peanuts to produce hand-picked selected high quality seeds ‘HPS”, fair average quality “FAQ” peanuts for crushing, and pelletized shells (for creating green energy or mixing with livestock fed meals).

40,320 An initial annual capacity of 40,320 tons unshelled peanuts .
180 180 tons per day TPD for the local demand .
23,500 23,500 FAQ TPD will be sold for crushing facilities.
8,100 around 8,100 tons HPS for the local demand.